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Woke up from an acid trip totally naked except for my knee highs beneath a bunch of stuffed animals and blankets. This is actually par for the course

I have the most perfect hair. It’s long, golden, it’s pretty, it smells good, I’m sure it feels amazing to yank. People literally pay hundreds of dollars in bleach and colour to have what I come by naturally. My hair is literally the color of gold, of wheat, ash etc and it grows organically straight from my head so how can u be anything but in total awe..?

This trip has brought me a newfound appreciation for frank Sinatra?? His voice just has this natural lilt and fall/rise that I find irresistible. The music is purposely pleasant and has a romantic, traditional narrative. “Feel good” is the phrase I’m searching for. His voice really brings this all together in such a sensuous way. He isn’t even doing this with the intention of being trippy, either…see. back in his heyday your voice was practically the only thing which made you unique in the sense of being up against thousands of other up and coming artists. In a time when guitars and bass and drums weren’t doing this for them the voice alone had to tell the story

"If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry."
-Edgar Allan Poe (via farr0h)